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Energy Management Systems Save Energy in Montgomery County Buildings

Watch this video to learn how Montgomery County MD Department of General Services, Division of Facilities Management uses a smart Energy Management System to monitor and adjust energy use in real time - saving money and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in County government buildings.

Green Features Tour – White Oak Community Recreation Center

A green roof, geothermal heating and cooling, and pervious pavement are some of the many unique features that earned Montgomery County’s White Oak Community Recreation Center the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification. Learn more from the architect others involved with the building’s green design and recreation programming.

Improving Resilience through Microgrids & Battery Storage

Learn about Montgomery County, Maryland's microgrid projects that use clean energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while keeping critical facilities operational during major storms and other disasters. This is a presentation by Michael Yambrach, Capital Energy Projects Manager, Department of General Services Office of Energy and Sustainability. The presentation was part of a panel at the Edison Electric Institute in Washington DC on October 19, 2017.

Energy Independence from CRTW 376

Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett recently celebrated the completion of the largest solar project on a County facility to date. The solar can provide 60 percent of the Montgomery County’s Correctional Facility’s electricity and save the County $255,000 a year.

Energy Efficiency and Safety at Brookville Maintenance Facility

Watch the video to learn how LED lights improve working conditions and save energy at the Brookville Maintenance Facility – a bus maintenance operation that runs 24 hours a day throughout the year. The lights save the County $32,000 a year on electric bills and reducing greenhouse gas emissions as much as planting 4,700 trees.

Solar Canopies at Holiday Park Senior Center

Montgomery County is saving energy and money while reducing environmental impacts of buildings and operations by installing solar at libraries, recreation centers, and other facilities. By the end of 2018, the County plans to have enough solar in place to power the equivalent of 1,100 single family homes, reducing greenhouse gas emissions as much as planting 200,000 trees. Watch the video to learn more about solar canopies at Holiday Park Senior Center and how their benefits extend far beyond conserving resources.

Equipment Maintenance and Transit Operations Center

Montgomery County’s Equipment Maintenance and Transit Operations Center (EMTOC) is a bustling operation that runs day and night throughout the year to keep buses and other County vehicles clean and safe. The facility has a number of unique green features, including 4 acres of vegetated roof and reuse of rain water and bus wash water within the building. Join us for a video tour of this unique, LEED Gold facility.

Solar Power Project on County Facilities

Montgomery County recently initiated a large-scale project to generate solar power on County facilities. The project will include at least 11 megawatts of solar, generating enough electricity to power more than 1,300 single family homes and saving the County $15 million in utility bills over 20 years. Get a rare look at the roof of the Jane Lawton Recreation Center and learn more about the solar initiative in this video.

Celebrating Energy Action Month (October)

Montgomery County celebrated Energy Action Month in October with events at libraries featuring hands-on games about saving energy at work and at home. Experience the events through our promotional video, then learn how you can sign up for energy savings programs at home.