Install six megawatts of solar on County facilities by the end of 2017.
Achieved! As of September 2018, 7.6 megawatts of solar have been installed on County facilities.

About Montgomery County’s Solar Initiative

Montgomery County’s solar initiative reduces the impact of County government operations on the environment by maximizing the generation of clean energy on County facilities by installing solar panels on libraries, recreation centers, child care centers, correctional facilities, offices and more.

Through grants and power purchase agreements, Montgomery County benefits from clean, renewable solar energy with no upfront costs. Solar energy systems:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Lower utility bills;
  • Stabilize the utility grid by generating extra power on hot sunny days when energy demands are high;
  • Reduce the need for new power plants and transmission lines, and;
  • Create jobs in the community.

Latest News

Completed Projects

For more information on solar project locations and status, including real time power generation, please visit Solar Projects and Map.