County Leverages Utility Incentives to Save Energy

Picture of people discussing utility incentives

Did you know that incentives are available, through the Pepco Commercial and Industrial Energy Savings Program, to reduce the costs of energy efficiency improvements?

Montgomery County staff involved in building design, construction, and maintenance meet monthly with Pepco program representatives to identify incentives that can help the County reduce the electricity consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of public facilities. Projects the County has completed include lighting retrofits of County parking facilities and green building projects.

The Pepco Commercial and Industrial Savings Program, and similar programs offered by utilities throughout the state, was created by the EmPower Maryland Act to reduce state electricity consumption and demand 15% by 2015. The program is funded by a small charge on each electricity bill.

Collectively the County has received tens of thousands of utility incentive dollars for energy efficiency projects, allowing taxpayer dollars to be retained for other community needs.

If you are a business or other organization, you too can take advantage of these programs to reduce the first costs of more comfortable, productive, and efficient facilities.