RideOn Service Interruptions Now Available via RSS

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) provides a convenient way for Web sites to distribute their news headlines or other current content listings to other Web sites and individual users. RSS feeds are available free from thousands of news organizations, magazines, newsletters, hobbyists' sites and more. By subscribing to these Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds, advanced users can have news headlines and article previews delivered in an RSS reader or aggregator. RSS offers a convenience because you can subscribe to feeds to syndicate information from several sources and automatically aggregate headlines from all the sources into one list. You can quickly browse the list of new content without visiting each site to search for new info of interest. Whenever you see this  RSS icon (or most often  XML icon ) it should link to an RSS feed that you can subscribe to via your RSS client.

See RideOn’s “RideOn Service Interruptions” RSS feed. It is a small XML file coded according to the current version RSS 2.0 based on the UserLand specification. Note that these service interruptions available via RSS are exactly the same as those on our website  RideOn Service Interruptions. RideOn’s site indicates the availability of the content in RSS format with the logo  RSS icon

Here is the RideOn RSS feed as it appears on a desktop computer in  FeedReader, one of many free RSS feed readers.

Example of a feed reader screen

There are many different RSS clients available,  here are a selected few that we tested our feeds with and that you may find useful:

Please note that RideOn does not endorse any third-party Web site or product; the sites and software mentioned here are for illustrative purposes only.