Late night riders: Ride On's courtesy stop program allows riders to request a drop off along the route when & where it is safe to do so after 9 p.m.

Night-time Courtesy Stop Program

Ride On is re-introducing our late night only courtesy stop program.

Starting July 2, passengers will be able to request a drop-off along the route when and where it is safe to do so, with the following limitations:

  • After 9:00 p.m. only
  • Exclusively for drop-offs (no boarding)
  • Front door only when exiting
  • Must be on the regular route (bus will not divert)
  • Location must be safe to stop (operator's discretion)
  • No intersection, highway, or freeway stopping
  • Express buses are exempt from this initiative

Passengers should inform the operator when boarding if they know they will request a courtesy stop; when nearing the drop off location, pull the bell cord, proceed to the front door, and ask the operator to stop at a safe location.

Night-time Courtesy Stop has been successfully in operation in many North American cities, such as Philadelphia, New York, and Toronto. Courtesy Stop helps passengers feel more secure using the bus in late night hours. During these late hours, it has not been found to have any significant effect on bus operation.

Ride On cares about the safety of all our passengers, especially during our evening bus routes. We are dedicated to making sure you feel safe, and we want to make sure you reach your destination with no issue.

Metrobus Riders
WMATA launched it's Courtesy Stops Program on June 25th. Their press release highlights the program and also includes an image of the signage that is currently on their buses to advertise Courtesy Stops and how to request a stop. There is also an explanatory video available.