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COVID-19 Updates

Vaccine and Booster Information

Pay your Flash Fare 

  • Flash is now free to ride. Fares on Flash and all Ride On buses have been temporarily suspended.

Fare Collection

  • Pay your fare at the Flash station before you board.
  • The fare will be $1 or less. SmarTrip is accepted and all discount fares (Senior Smartrip, Persons with Disabilities, Kids Ride Free, transfers) apply.

Ways to Pay

  • Tap your Smartrip Card.
    • Look for a SmarTrip post on the station platform and tap your card before boarding the Flash.
  • Use the virtual SmarTrip card on your iPhone.
    • Add the Smartrip app to the Apple wallet on an iPhone or Apple Watch. Hold your mobile device over the SmarTrip reader until you feel a vibration and see a checkmark on your display.
  • Purchase a ticket.
    • Find the ticket machine at the station. Press the green “Start” button and follow the directions. The machine accepts $1 and $5 bills, credit and debit cards (soon), Ride On tokens, and coins (except pennies) but does not give change. Keep your ticket as proof of payment. Tickets are valid on Flash only until the expiration time shown (2 hours). Tickets are not accepted Metrobuses but can be used to transfer to other MCDOT buses.



Pay at the station before you board.

Lose an item on a Ride On bus? Contact our Lost & Found.

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