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Our Transit Advisory Group is committed to improving transportation services and infrastructure in our community. We are seeking people from many backgrounds and experiences to join us. Diversity and inclusion are essential to meeting our goals.

  • High school students bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the table.
  • Seniors
  • People with disabilities can offer valuable insights into making our transportation systems more accessible and accommodating.
  • Bilingual persons can help us make sure our services are available to everyone, regardless of language.

We meet 3 times per year and ask that you serve for at least 2 years.

By joining our Transit Advisory Group, you can make a real difference in our community. Your contributions will help shape the future of transportation in our area. We welcome your interest and look forward to hearing from you soon.

girl looking at her cell phone while on a bus
senior standing with arms folded
person with a walker at a bus entrance
man standing with arms folded