Temporary Executive Regulation

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MCER NO. 16-05T:  TEMPORARY FIRE AND RESCUE SERVICE REGULATION -  Integrated Emergency Command Structure (IECS)

SUMMARY:  This temporary regulation 16-05T, Integrated Emergency Command Structure, adopts an Integrated Emergency Command Structure (IECS) that provides a chain of command for use in the control of all incidents, and applies to all Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service personnel.  The text adapts the recently reorganized MCFRS operational structure to a Standardized Incident Management System, making it consistent with the regional, state and national emergency management plan.  This regulation conforms to the legislative intent of Section 21-1(a)(3) of the County Code.  This regulation superseded Temporary Executive Regulation 3-05T of the same title, but substantively different text and became effective
July 13, 2005.

AUTHORIZATION:  Montgomery County Code, 1994, Section 21-8.

COPIES OF THE TEMPORARY REGULATION:  A copy of the temporary regulation may be obtained from Beth Feldman, Fire and Rescue Service, Office of the Fire Chief, 101 Monroe Street, 12th Floor, Rockville, Maryland  20850; 240/777-2423.

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