Montgomery County New Laws

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INFORMATION: Copies are available from the Council Office in the Council Office Building , 100 Maryland Avenue, Rockville 240-777-7900.

PERSONAL PROPERTY BUSINESS TAX CREDIT - HOME COMPUTER TELECOMMUTING INCENTIVE:  Bill 6-04 implements the County's authority under State law to promote telecommuting and access to computers by providing a tax incentive; provides a personal property tax credit for an employer that purchases a new home computer or new laptop to be used for telecommuting; and generally amends County law regarding taxes on personal property.  Effective Date:  November 8, 2005.

DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT - NON-MERIT POSITION - MINORITY BUSINESS AFFAIRS MANAGER:  Bill 24-05 designates the position of Minority Business Affairs Manager as a non-merit system position in the Department of Economic Development; and generally amends the law governing non-merit positions in the Department of Economic Development  Effective Date:  October 23, 2005.

CONSUMER PROTECTION - OFFICE - POWERS AND DUTIES:  Bill 25-05 creates the Office of Consumer Protection as a principal office in the Executive branch of County government; transfers certain duties and changes certain references from the Department of Housing and Community Affairs to the Office of Consumer Protection; makes technical, conforming, and stylistic changes in provisions of law involving the Office of Consumer Protection and predecessor agencies; and generally amends County law relating to the administration of housing, consumer protection, and related programs.  Effective Date:  January 22, 2006.

PERSONNEL - BENEFITS - PRESCRIPTION DRUGS:  Expedited Bill 31-05 requires the Director of the Office of Human Resources to offer certain prescription drug benefits to County employees and retired employees; and generally amends County law with respect to prescription drug benefits.  Effective Date:  November 15, 2005.

ANIMAL CONTROL - AMENDMENTS:  Bill 37-04 defines certain terms and procedures; adds animal cruelty violations; clarifies certain procedures, replaces outdated Maryland Code references with correct citations; establishes a leash requirement for dogs with certain exceptions; makes technical corrections and generally amends the Animal Control Law.  Effective Date:  December 27, 2005.

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