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Office of the County Executive

Adopted Executive Regulation

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MCER 34-03AMIV:  ADOPTED DEPARTMENT OF OF POLICE REGULATION - Executive Towing Rules and Regulations


SUMMARY:  Executive Regulation 14-98, Position Description - Chief, Division of Fire and Rescue Service, established the position description for chief, Division of Fire and Rescue Service, a non-merit position in the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service.  This regulation is proposed for repeal because the position is being abolished as part of a reorganization.  The duties previously performed by this position will be performed by merit staff.


COMMENTS:  This regulation establishes procedures for a fair, equitable and efficient system for the handling of police-generated tows by private, commercial operators while protecting certain rights of the public.  The adopted regulation supersedes 9-97.


AUTHORIZATION AND PROCEDURAL METHOD:  Montgomery County Code, 1994, Section 49-1.  Method 2.


COPIES OF THE PROPOSED REGULATION:  A copy of the proposed regulation may be obtained from CPl. Charles Perry, Police Towing Supervisor, Department of Police, 2350 Research Blvd. Rockville, Maryland 20850; 301/840-2308.





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