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Office of the County Executive

Montgomery County New Laws 

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INFORMATION:       Copies are available from the Council Office in the Council Office Building, 100 Maryland Avenue, Rockville 240-777-7900.



TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT DISTRICTS - FEES - Bill 36-05 authorizes the County Council to set by resolution a transportation management fee to cover the cost of certain services provided by a transportation management district; clarifies that the revenue generated by a transportation management fee must be used in the district in which the development or property subject to the fee is located; repeals a prohibition against charging a transportation management fee that exceeds a certain rate; makes technical stylistic, and clarifying changes; and generally amends the law governing transportation management districts.  Effective date:  May 11, 2006.


HEALTH SERVICES - ADVISORY BOARD FOR MONTGOMERY CARES PROGRAM - ESTABLISHMENT - Bill 41-05 establishes an Advisory Board for the Montgomery Cares Program with certain requirements regarding composition, terms, officers, duties, voting, meetings, and staff; and generally amends the law relating to health care services for uninsured County residents.  Effective date:  May 11, 2006.


MINORITY OWNED BUSINESS PURCHASING PROGRAM - EXTENSION - Expedited Bill 42-05 extends the sunset date for the minority owned business purchasing program; narrowly tailors the County's minority owned business purchasing program to ensure continued compliance with constitutional requirements; and generally amends the county's minority owned business purchasing program.

Effective date:  February 17, 2006.


MOTOR VEHICLES - PARKING VIOLATIONS - Bill 44-05 modifies the law relating to fines imposed for parking in a fire lane or space reserved for individuals with disabilities; substitutes references to the Department of Public Works and Transportation for certain references to the Department of Finance; makes certain technical clarifying, and stylistic changes to the law governing parking violations; and generally amends the law relating to parking of vehicles.  Effective date:  May 19, 2006.



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