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Office of the County Executive

Montgomery County Council New Laws 

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INFORMATION:       Copies are available from the Council Office in the Council Office Building, 100 Maryland Avenue, Rockville 240-777-7900.



OFF-THE-ROAD VEHICLES - REGISTRATION AND OPERATION - Bill 7-04 - requires an operator of an off-the-road-vehicle to wear safety equipment when operating the vehicle; imposes restrictions on an operator of an off-the-road-vehicle; requires retailers of off-the-the-road vehicles to provide customers with written information about State and County laws on vehicle use; provides penalties for committing an act in violation of this Chapter; and generally creates the law governing an off-the-road vehicle.  Effective date:  November 2, 2006.


HOUSING - WORKFORCE HOUSING PROGRAM - Bill 30-05 - establishes a workforce housing program, administered by the Department of Housing and Community Affairs; defines the purposes of the program and the population who the program is intended to serve, and establishes procedures to administer the program; authorizes the County Executive to set certain program parameters, including income eligibility standards and maximum sale prices and rents, by regulation; defines, by
reference to certain mandatory and optional zoning provisions, where work force housing must be located; and generally provides for the operation of a County workforce housing program.  Effective date:  December 1, 2006.


CONTRACTS AND PROCUREMENT - SERVICE CONTRACTS - Bill 32-05 - establishes a savings threshold that must be met before soliciting or awarding certain contracts for services if the contract will have an adverse effect on certain public employees; requires certain contracting actions to be subject to collective bargaining; and requires certain County Departments and the Chief Administrative Officer to take certain actions.  Effective date:  January 1, 2007.


TRANSMISSION FACILITY COORDINATION - Bill 12-06 - clarifies that a designee of the Department of Permitting Services and not the Department of Environmental Protection will serve as member of the Transmission Facility Coordinating Group; and generally amends County law regarding transmission facility coordination.  Effective date:  October 18, 2006.


OFFENSES - DISTURBING THE PUBLIC PEACE OR DISORDERLY CONDUCT - Bill 15-06 - prohibits disturbing the peace or disorderly conduct; requires certain persons to provide a law enforcement officer with the person's name; prohibits certain activity at certain public places; imposes certain penalties; and generally amends the County loitering law.  Effective October 18, 2006.


SOCCERPLEX - LEASE AMENDMENTS - Expedited Bill 20-06 - approves amendments to a certain ground lease between the Maryland - National Capital Park and Planning Commission and the Maryland Soccer Foundation, Inc. for certain land at South Germantown Recreational Park.  Effective Date:  November 9, 2006.

SPECIAL CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS PROJECT - SILVER SPRING LIBRARY - Bill 24-06 - authorizes the planning, design and construction of the new Silver Spring Library in the Silver Spring planning area.  Effective date:  September 30, 2006.


PROCUREMENT - EXEMPTIONS - Bill 25-06 - exempts the purchase of goods or services for certain County-sponsored recreational activities from the County procurement law; exempts the purchase of entertainment services, including but not limited to contracts for musical performers, from the County procurement law; and provides a reporting requirement.  Effective date:  November 2, 2006.

PROPERTY TAX - TAX CREDIT - NONPROFIT SWIM CLUBS - Expedited Bill 33-06 - provides a property tax credit for certain nonprofit swim clubs.  Effective date:  August 3, 2006.



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