Montgomery County Council New Laws

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INFORMATION: Copies are available from the Council Office in the Council Office Building , 100 Maryland Avenue, Rockville 240-777-7900.

REAL PROPERTY - AGRICULTURAL ZONES - DISCLOSURE - Bill 12-07 requires sellers of real property in certain zones to notify potential buyers that state and county laws protect owners and operators of agricultural uses from certain lawsuits.  Effective Date:  January 14, 2008.

BOND AUTHORIZATION - Expedited Bill 20-07 authorizes the County to issue certain bonds. 

Effective Date:  September 27, 2007.

POTOMAC HORSE CENTER - LEASE EXTENSION - Bill 22-07 approves an extension to a certain ground lease between the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission and the Potomac Horse Center Inc. for certain land known as the Maryland Horse Center.  Effective
Date:  January 25, 2008.

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