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Office of the County Executive

Adopted Executive Regulations

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                            Schedule of Fees for Permits, Licenses and Inspections - Method 3


SUMMARY: This regulation, in general, increases by 6.7% permit and license fees that cover the administration, plan review and enforcement programs of the Department of Permitting Services.  Fees were corrected in sections (I.F., I.H., II.A.9., VI.A.2., VI.A.4.) where fees were not updated in the previous Executive Regulation 3-07.  Language was added to Section II.A.7. for clarification.  Section I.J. was added to include fees for replacement and reduction of right-of-way bonds, which is consistent with language in II.A.9. for sediment control bonds.  Section I.K was added to include a fee for change of legal description or other administrative revisions to a right-of-way permit.  The adopted regulation supersedes 3-07.


ACTION:  Executive Regulation, was promulgated according to the Method 3 process and became effective July 1, 2007.


AUTHORIZATION AND PROCEDURAL METHOD:  Montgomery County Code, 2004, Section 49-38, 19-6, 19-45, 19-67, 30-11, 27A-5(e).  Method 3.


COPIES OF THE REGULATION:  A copy of the regulation may be obtained from Alexia Roundtree,
Permitting Services, 255 Rockville Pike, 2nd Floor, Rockville, Maryland  20850; 240/777-6280;
TTY 240/777-6256.






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