Temporary Executive Regulation

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MCER NO. 30-06T:  TEMPORARY DEPARTMENT OF PERMITTING SERVICES REGULATION - Schedule of Fees for Permits, Licenses and Certifications - Method 2

SUMMARY:  This temporary regulation increases, by 40 percent, permit fees for the new detached single family dwellings and additions to single family dwellings that cover the administration, plan-review and enforcement for Bill 26-05 Stormwater Drainage and Runoff..  This temporary regulation supersedes Executive Regulation 10-06AM and became effective March 1, 2007.

AUTHORIZATION AND PROCEDURAL METHOD:  Montgomery County Code, 2004, Section 8-24. 

COPIES OF THE PROPOSED REGULATION:  A copy of the temporary regulation may be obtained from Nancy Villani, Department of Permitting Services, 255 Rockville Pike, 2nd Floor, Rockville, Maryland 20850; 240/777-6311; TTY 240/777/6256.  Email:  [email protected].

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