Montgomery County Council New Laws

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INFORMATION: Copies are available from the Council Office in the Council Office Building , 100 Maryland Avenue, Rockville 240-777-7900.

WEAPONS - RESTRICTIONS - DEER MANAGEMENT - Bill 43-05 modifies the circumstances under which a person may discharge a gun in or outside the urban area; modifies the circumstances under which a person may discharge a bow; repeals language authorizing a person to carry or discharge a gun under certain circumstances involving predatory animals; makes technical, clarifying, and stylistic changes to the law governing the discharge of a weapon; and generally amends the law governing weapons restrictions.  Effective date:  March 17, 2008.

PROPERTY TAX CREDIT - GREEN BUILDINGS - Bill 37-06 provides a property tax credit for certain buildings that meet certain standards for energy and environmental design.  Effective Date:  March 17, 2008.

REAL PROPERTY - DISCLOSURE - PROPERTY TAX, ENFORCEMENT - Bill 24-07 requires certain material distributed in connection with the sale of certain residential real property to disclose the amount of property tax a buyer would be obligated to pay after purchase; directs the Office of Consumer Protection to enforce certain real estate disclosure requirements; and conforms related provisions and generally amends County law governing real estate disclosures and their enforcement.  Effective Date: March 14, 2008.

PERSONNEL - RETIREMENT - INVESTMENT AUTHORITY - Expedited Bill 27-07 amends the investment provisions of the Employees' Retirement System and Retirement Savings Plan to conform with the principles governing the investment and management of funds contained in the Uniform Management of Public Employee Retirement Systems Act and the Pension Protection Act of 2006.  Effective Date:  December 17, 2007.

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