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Office of the County Executive

Montgomery County Register Notice

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Two new job classes in the Public Safety 911 Call-Taker occupational series have been created. The new job classes are Public Safety 911 Call-Taker I, Grade 15 and Public Safety 911 Call-Taker II, Grade 16. The Director of the Office of Human Resources has determined under Section 33-105(b) of the Montgomery County Code that the job class must be included in the Office, Professional, and Technical (OPT) bargaining unit because it falls within the definition of "employee" under Section 33-1 02(4)(O).

Any individual or agent of the representative certified under County law to represent the OPT bargaining unit who disagrees with this determination may file an objection with Andrew M. Strongin, the Montgomery County Labor Relations Administrator, at P.O. Box 5779, Takoma Park, Maryland 20913. Objections must be filed within 10 days of publication of this Register.


Joseph Adler, Director                                                          06/04/09
Office of Human Resources                                                  Date



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