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Adopted Executive Regulations

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Discharge of Guns Within Montgomery County

SUMMARY:  This regulation is to establish procedures and criteria that the Chief of Police must use to determine whether it is safe to discharge a gun under a deer management permit issued by the Department of Natural Resources and to establish rules for deer hunting on land at least 50 acres in size within the urban area.  The adopted regulation supersedes Executive Regulation 16-93.

ACTION:  Executive Regulation, 34-08AM, was approved by the County Council according to the Method 2 process, effective March 31, 2009.

AUTHORIZATION AND PROCEDURAL METHOD:  Montgomery County Code, 2004, Section 2-22, 57-4(e) and 2A-15.  Method 2.

COPIES OF THE REGULATION:  A copy of the regulation may be obtained from Captain Michael Wahl, Director, Animal Services Division, Montgomery County Department of Police, 2350 Research Boulevard, Rockville, Maryland 20850, (240)773-5928,

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