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December 1, 2013 Montgomery County Register Notices

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English Manor Elementary School
                 Under provision of COMCOR 11B.45.02 Reuse, Leasing, and Sale of Closed Schools, appropriate County and outside agencies are hereby notified of the availability of the former English Manor Elementary School.  We are trying to determine whether there is a County or outside agency need for this property.

                 The Department of General Services (DGS) manages a portfolio of closed school properties that have been declared surplus by the Montgomery County Public Schools.  A long term goal of the program is to maintain closed schools in the event they are ever needed for public education again.  The reclamation of closed school properties took place a number of times over the years.  Historically, the majority of closed schools are leased to non-profits who are responsible for maintaining the properties in return for a reasonable rent.  Many closed schools are used by government agencies.   

                 The former English Manor Elementary School was leased to an organization that offered child care and educational programs for many years.  The lease was terminated on June 30 and English Manor is now available for reuse.  The building is currently occupied by two short term licensees, whose licenses expire on June 30, 2014.  English Manor is located at 4511 Bestor Drive in Rockville. 

                 A description of the site and building is contained in the attached “School Reuse Decision Process” link which can be viewed at:

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