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August 1, 2017, Montgomery County Register Notices

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The Fund for Montgomery is a public-private partnership established in 2011 as a fund of The Community Foundation in Montgomery County to allow private organizations to supplement County funding of community building events. With private financial support from businesses, foundations, and individuals, the Montgomery County community has been able to continue to gather and celebrate our diverse community and dedication to service and volunteerism while reducing reliance on taxpayer dollars. Since 2011, the Fund for Montgomery has raised more than $800,000 from private partners to support and enhance valued community events.

All contributions of $100 or more to the Fund from January 1 – June 30, 2017 are listed below.


PURPOSE OF GIFT                                                   

Father John Enzler Fund 2,500 1/23/17 ​Interfaith Initiatives                   
Biohealth Innovation, Inc. 2,500 2/3/17 Community Building Events
Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church                                                 750 2/3/17 Interfaith Initiatives
Choice Foundation 5,000 2/3/17 Community Building Events
Municipal and Financial Services Group 1,000 2/3/17 Community Building Events
PEPCO 10,000 2/3/17 Community Building Events
Miscellaneous Donors 100 2/24/17 Interfaith Initiatives
Muslim Community Center, Inc. 1,000 2/24/17 Interfaith Initiatives
Municipal and Financial Services Group 500 3/8/17 Community Building Events
Mr. Jay G. Sakai and Ms. Julie E. Squire 500 3/8/17 Interfaith Initiatives
Mr. and Mrs. Mansfield M. Kaseman 200 3/16/17 Interfaith Initiatives
Miscellaneous Donors 100 3/28/17 Interfaith Initiatives
Visionary Ophthalmology LLC Rockville  1,000 3/28/17 Community Building Events
Ms. Laura Kozero 3,000 3/29/17 Interfaith Initiatives
Johns Hopkins Accounts Payable Service Center 135 3/31/17 Interfaith Initiatives
Carl M. Freeman Foundation, Inc. 10,000 5/18/17 Community Building Events
SSGOVRELATIONS, LLC 1,000 5/18/17 Community Building Events
Congressional Bank 1,000 6/8/17 Community Building Events
Washington Gas Light Company 1,000 6/8/17 Community Building Events
Department of Finance/Montgomery Co. HHS 5,000 6/14/17 Interfaith Initiatives
Westat 3,000 6/16/17 Community Building Events
Jewish Federation of Greater Washington 2,500 6/16/17 Community Building Events

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