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Office of the County Executive

Montgomery County Register

February 1, 2017, Montgomery County Register Notice


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The Fund for Montgomery is a public-private partnership established in 2011 as a fund of The Community Foundation in Montgomery County to allow private organizations to supplement County funding of community building events. With private financial support from businesses, foundations, and individuals, the Montgomery County community has been able to continue to gather and celebrate our diverse community and dedication to service and volunteerism while reducing reliance on taxpayer dollars. Since 2011, the Fund for Montgomery has raised more than $800,000 from private partners to support and enhance valued community events.

All contributions of $250 or more to the Fund in calendar year 2016 are listed below.

Donor Gift Amount Gift Date Purpose of Gift
Chong Hwa Saint Tao Yuan  $500.00  2/2/2016  Interfaith Initiatives
Kehila Chadasha  $500.00  2/2/2016  Interfaith Initiatives
Am Kolel, Inc. Sanctuary and Renewal Center  $500.00  2/2/2016  Interfaith Initiatives
Allstate Foundation  $1,000.00  2/2/2016  Community Building Events
Carl M. Freeman Foundation, Inc.  $10,000.00  3/11/2016  Community Building Events
Christ Church Parish The Rector's Discretionary Fund  $250.00  3/11/2016  Interfaith Initiatives
Shaare Torah, Inc. Rabbis Discretionary Fund  $250.00  3/11/2016  Interfaith Initiatives
Islamic Society of the Washington Area, Inc  $500.00  3/11/2016  Interfaith Initiatives
Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church  $986.00  3/11/2016  Interfaith Initiatives
Social & Scientific Systems, Inc. $5,000.00  3/11/2016  Community Building Events
Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington $2,500.00  3/11/2016  Interfaith Initiatives
Department of Health and Human Services $5,000.00  4/25/2016  Interfaith Initiatives
Montgomery County Muslim Foundation Inc. $5,000.00  5/25/2016  Community Building Events
Barbara Goldberg Goldman $1,000.00  8/17/2016  Gilchrist Center Anniversary
Lerch, Early & Brewer, Chtd. $2,000.00  9/6/2016  Community Building Events
Saint James Episcopal Church $250.00  9/6/2016  Interfaith Initiatives
Friends of Ike Leggett $5,000.00  9/26/2016  Community Building Events
Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church $250.00  9/26/2016  Interfaith Initiatives
Comcast Financial Agency Corporation $6,000.00  9/27/2016  Community Building Events
Aris and Mary Anne Mardirossian $2,500.00  10/14/2016  Gilchrist Center Anniversary
Bruce T. Adams $1,000.00  10/14/2016 Gilchrist Center Anniversary
Connie and Tony Morella $250.00  10/14/2016 Gilchrist Center Anniversary
Michael D. Barnes $1,000.00  10/14/2016 Gilchrist Center Anniversary
SSGOVRELATIONS, LLC $1,000.00  10/14/2016 Gilchrist Center Anniversary
Friends of Ike Leggett $2,500.00  10/14/2016 Gilchrist Center Anniversary
Montgomery College $10,000.00  10/14/2016 Community Building Events
Bozzuto & Associates, Inc. $2,500.00  10/14/2016 Community Building Events
United Therapeutics Corporation $5,000.00  10/14/2016 Community Building Events
University of Maryland University College  $2,500.00  10/14/2016 Community Building Events
City of Rockville​  $5,000.00  10/20/2016 Community Building Events
James Lacewell  $250.00  10/27/2016 Gilchrist Center Anniversary
Verizon $5,000.00  11/4/2016  Community Building Events
Ruth K. Spector  $250.00  11/4/2016  Gilchrist Center Anniversary
Allen J. Katz  $250.00  11/4/2016  Gilchrist Center Anniversary
Adrienne A. Mandel  $250.00  11/4/2016  Gilchrist Center Anniversary
Lawrence N. Rosenblum CPA $500.00  11/4/2016  Gilchrist Center Anniversary
Sidney Kramer  $2,500.00  11/4/2016  Gilchrist Center Anniversary
Guardian Realty Management Inc.  $1,000.00  11/4/2016  Gilchrist Center Anniversary
Montgomery County Muslim Foundation Inc. $2,500.00  11/4/2016  Community Building Events
Marriott International, Inc. $5,000.00  12/19/2016 Community Building Events
Magdi Y Hassanein  $250.00  12/22/2016 Gilchrist Center Anniversary
Ursula Odiaga Iannone  $250.00  12/22/2016 Gilchrist Center Anniversary
Sanford and Doris Slavin Foundation Inc. $1,000.00  12/22/2016 Gilchrist Center Anniversary
Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington $2,500.00  12/22/2016 Community Building Events
Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission $5,000.00  12/22/2016 Community Building Events
Miscellaneous Donors​ $2120.00  2016  Community Building Events 
TOTAL GIFTS  $108,356.00     



A new job class, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Educator, grade 25 has been created. The Director of the Office of Human Resources has determined under Section 33-102 (4) of the Montgomery County Code that the job class must be included in the Office, Professional, and Technical (OPT) bargaining unit because it falls within the definition of “employee” under Section 33-102(4).

Any individual or agent of the representative certified under County law to represent the OPT bargaining unit who disagrees with this determination may file an objection with Darryl G. Gorman, Deputy Director, Labor and Employee Relations, at  Objections must be filed within 10 days of publication of this Register.



Shawn Y. Stokes, Director                                                                1/24/17
Office of Human Resources                                                               Date


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