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June 1, 2019, Montgomery County Register Notice


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                                                                  TO ALL COUNTY DEPARTMENTS AND ALL COUNTY AGENCIES

                                                       Expressions of Interest – Former Silver Spring Intermediate School Site

 In accordance with the provisions of 11B.45.02, Reuse, Leasing, and Sale of Closed Schools, the Executive must notify all government agencies of the availability of a closed school and any restrictions the Executive or Council have imposed on its used, and set a 45-day deadline to receive expressions of interest in using all or part of the school.

Please find the following information on the Silver Spring Intermediate School site (“Property”):

The Property

1)    Tax account no. 13-01058288; 615 Philadelphia Avenue, Takoma Park, MD 20912; Liber: 57036/ Folio: 339; Tax Map JN32; 3.75 acres; zoned R-60.

This property is bordered by Boston Avenue to the north, single family detached residences to the east, Philadelphia Avenue to the south, and Chicago Avenue to the west. The property is largely surrounded by single family detached residences; Montgomery College’s Takoma Park Campus is on the other side of Philadelphia Avenue.

Takoma Park Master Plan (2000)

A recommendation of the 2000 Takoma Park Master Plan includes “consider converting closed schools and other public facility sites as they become available to parks as a means to meet active recreation needs identified in the PROS Plan” (page 75). In the Plan, the site is identified as Silver Spring Intermediate Neighborhood Park under “existing parkland” (page 72, Map 18). The Plan considers renovation of the Silver Spring Intermediate Neighborhood Park, including “adding facilities needed and desired by the community” (page 74).

Additional Information

Silver Spring Intermediate School was closed in 1973. The site was developed as a park around 1976 and is currently known as Silver Spring Intermediate Neighborhood Park. The educational building was demolished in 1991. Evidence of the school’s footprint can still be seen within the site grading and several retaining walls. There are also many mature trees that remain from the site’s previous use as a school. Amenities such as the parking lot, basketball court, tennis court, ballfields and playground were gradually installed in the park in the 1980s and upgraded in the 2000s.

The property was deeded to Montgomery County from MCPS in October 2018. MCPS’ disposition recommends that the site ultimately be conveyed to M-NCPPC as part of a land swap. The Park is currently in the approved Parks CIP for renovation. The intent is for the facility plan to be presented to the Montgomery County Planning Board for approval in summer 2019, for design and construction to be funded through the Park Refresher program, and for final design and construction to be completed in FY20-21.

Please submit reuse proposals to the referenced point of contact by mail, delivery or email by July 18, 2019.

Ronnie L. Warner
Chief, Office of Planning and Development
Montgomery County Department of General Services
101 Monroe Street, 9th Floor
Rockville, Maryland 20850

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