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February 5, 2021, Montgomery County Register Notice


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February 5, 2021

Dear Owner/Manager:

This month marks the thirty-eighth year since the expiration of rent controls in Montgomery County.  The Voluntary Rent Guideline system in place over these years has helped both government and the real estate industry relate inflationary pressures to rent increase in this region.

The figures from the U.S. Department of Labor on which the Voluntary Rent Guideline are based show the increase in the rent component of the Consumer Price Index for 2020 for the Washington-Metropolitan area to be 1.4% percent.  Based on that information, the Voluntary Rent Guideline for Montgomery County will be set at 1.4% percent effective February 5, 2021.

I realize there are extraordinary pressures on landlords during this ongoing pandemic with its increasing economic pressures but there are also extraordinary pressures on renters.  We must all work together during this crisis.

Your cooperation in keeping rent increases moderate and within the Guideline is appreciated.  Please direct any questions or observations that you may have about the Guideline to the Office of Landlord-Tenant Affairs, Division of Housing, Department of Housing and Community Affairs, at (240) 777-0311.


Marc Elrich
County Executive

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