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For 6th - 12th graders, parents and youth serving providers

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Read the article in the Richard Montomgery High School newspaper, The Tide, written by Davi Jacobs. 
Here is some feedback from the students who participated in 2022:

I have been in an unhealthy relationship before.  He was very controlling, would make negative comments but would say that he loves me so much that he wouldn’t let me go.  I wish someone could’ve told me then how to handle the situation.  Attending and completing the Respect Fest activities has really taught me about what to be aware of; even the littlest things in between the relationships.

Through this week-long event, I learned so much about how I can support others. There are a number of resources within the county alone for which people encountering abuse can reach out to for assistance in there struggles. These include the Montgomery County Family Justice Center or the Montgomery County Crisis Center. Abuse can happen to any gender and at any age and can unfortunately be very traumatizing for those who experience it. However, everyone is here to help including myself and my peers and as such, my avid beliefs of self-love and compassion have been cemented through this event.

The Respect Fest sessions and activities that I participated in provided me with more insight onto healthy and unhealthy relationships as well as teen dating violence... Both of these topics include important knowledge and knowing how to report this type of behavior is important, which is why to benefit my community, I hope to spread awareness by participating in organizations and starting school clubs that educate people about relationships and teen dating violence.

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