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During October, the Montgomery County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council is displaying stories from domestic violence  victims/survivors who live in Montgomery County, along with pairs of shoes representing each victim.  We hope these stories shine a light on the prevalence of domestic violence, how to help a loved one, and free resources at the the Montgomery County Family Justice Center, Trauma Services and the Crisis Center. 

The displays can be found at the Montgomery County Public Libraries, Montgomery County Recreation Centers, Police Stations and other sites across the county.

Click on each pair of shoes to read a story.
Do you have a story to share about domestic violence? You can submit it here (you will remain anonymous).

Stella's story
La Historia de Stella

Rose's Story
La Historia de Rose

Lily's Story
La Historia de Lily

Tomas's Story
La Historia de Tomas

Nancy's Story
La Historia de Nancy

Destiny's Story
La Historia de Destiny

Allie's Story
La Historia de Allie

Olivia's Story
La Historia de Olivia

Amy's Story
La Historia de Amy

Alicia's Story
La Historia de Alicia