Candidate Rating Process

Once an online application is received, resumes received electronically are initially reviewed to determine if applicants meet the advertised minimum qualifications for the position. Applicants who do not meet the minimum qualifications will be rated Not Qualified and their resumes will not be advanced to the competitive rating process.

Resumes of applicants who meet the minimum qualifications will be advanced to the competitive rating process. The competitive rating process is used to establish an eligible list of candidates for employment or promotion. It may include:

  • a written or oral examination;
  • a demonstration of a job-related physical ability or skill;
  • an evaluation of an applicant's training, experience, and education; or
  • another professionally acceptable assessment technique that fairly evaluates an applicant's qualifications, fitness and ability.

The competitive rating process results from an analysis of the job that documents the knowledge, skills and abilities required to perform essential functions of the job; assesses the candidate's ability to perform important aspects of the job; and is properly and accurately administered in good faith and without discrimination.

In the Education and Relevant Experience section, you will be required to provide your education, work experience, license and/or certification (if applicable) as it relates to the job you are applying for. The preferred criteria listed in the job posting describe the knowledge, skills and abilities of the ideal candidate for the position. Job announcements with Preferred Criteria will have a series of questions for you to respond to, to assess your experience as it relates to the specific competencies, skills and/or preferred criteria indicated in the job announcement. In addition, you can enter a brief explanation in the Remarks section. Some job announcement will not have any preferred criteria and all applicants who meet the minimum qualifications for the position will be rated as Qualified and placed on the Eligible List, which is the highest rating category.

Once the rating process is complete, the Office of Human Resources (OHR) establishes an eligible list with the names of all qualified candidates grouped in appropriate rating categories. The OHR Director determines the length of time that the eligible list will be in effect and may extend or abolish an eligible list for good cause. The hiring department must fill vacancies in the job class from the established eligible list until the list expires. Candidates are not notified by mail of their individual ratings; however, email notification of status change at various stages in the process may be made to individual candidates via the iRecruitment system. Candidates with specific questions may contact the Specialist handling the recruitment.

OHR provides the eligible list to the hiring department. The hiring department may interview only candidates in the highest rating category (usually Well Qualified). The hiring department is not required to interview all candidates in the highest rating category. Employees meeting minimum qualifications who are the same grade or higher will be placed on the eligible list as a Transfer candidate and may be considered for interview. The length of time from closing date to interview and selection varies depending on a number of factors, such as the number of applicants for the position, the complexity of the rating process, and the urgency to fill the vacancy.

Some candidates may receive priority consideration above other candidates for the following reasons (in order of priority):

  • an employee unable to perform the employee's job because of a disability or injury under the Americans with Disabilities Act;
  • employees subject to reduction-in-force; or
  • a candidate with hiring preference.

Additionally, as required by labor agreement, candidate selection for some job classes is made on the basis of Montgomery County Government years of service (seniority).


Revised: 2/26/2021