Internal Language Resources

Internal Language Resources include the Language Certified Employees (also known as Certified Bilingual Employees) and the Volunteer Center Language Bank. County employees can use these resources for free to provide translations and interpretations. However, when these resources are unavailable, County employees can also consider using contracted language resources.

Language Certified Employees Database

Language Certified Interpreters List

Language Certified Employees Database is a database of bilingual county employees who have been tested and certified at either the basic (oral interpretation only) or advanced level (oral interpretation and written translation) to provide language assistance to departments and staff or to directly communicate with customers in other languages.  Certified employees can be used by other departments in addition to their own job needs. 


Office of Community Partnerships'  Language Bank


Language Bank registration

The Language Bank is a searchable online database made up of community volunteers. Volunteers are to be contacted only by County staff or nonprofits who have registered with the Language Bank.  Use the link on the left to register.  Contact the  Language Corps Coordinator at phone: 240-777-2560 or with questions or for additional information about signing up to volunteer for this service.


For Bilingual Testing, Certification and Staff Training:
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