Division of Human Resources

Dorcus Howard Richards in Class A uniform

Dorcus Howard Richards

Division Chief
Office: (240) 777-2285

The Division of Human Resources is under the direction of a Division Chief who is responsible for oversight of the following functional areas: Fire Rescue Occupational Medical Services, Public Safety Training Academy, Human Resources, and Labor Relations.

These functional areas provide the internal infrastructure for the department and include tasks such as: hiring, promotional test administration, labor relations, discipline process, pay and benefits, health and wellness, recruit training, continuing education, and in-service training.

Note to Prospective Lenders or Employers

Employment verification is managed at the County level, not the Department level. The process is automated and must be initiated by the employee. The Department has provided instructions to employees on how to conduct this transaction but you are free to download this document and share it with the employees to save time for everyone.

Button - Download PDF of Verification Instructions