Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Fire/EMS Incident-Related: (How Do I...?)

What information will I need to provide if I call 911?
  • We will always ask for your address and phone number and confirm it twice. We will also get the calling party's name and what party they are (1st, 2nd, 3rd).
  • If it's a fire related call, we ask where the fire is, the status of the occupants and have them leave the structure.
  • If it's an EMS call, in case entry we will ask the age, conscious and breathing status. Then, depending on the nature of call, we will ask anywhere from 3-10 more questions relating specifically to the medical emergency they are having. We will also provide them Pre-Arrival Instructions(if deemed appropriate) and we always provide them Post Dispatch Instructions.
Obtain an incident report?
  • Click the After a Fire/EMS Incident navigation item on the left side of your screen. You'll see a link there which will provide the information you need. You will also see links there for the same information in a variety of other languages.
Obtain an ECC Audio Recording?
Contact someone in the EMS Billing section?
  • If you need to provide insurance information regarding your transport or have specific questions about your bill, please contact the County’s billing service at 843-428-2638. If you still have concerns about your bill, please contact us at [email protected] or call the patient advocate at 240-777-3636.
Contact the crew members who recently saved my house or saved my life?
Do you have a lost and found from incidents? I think I left something on an ambulance recently.
  • To report an item which you believe was left on a Montgomery County Fire/Rescue ambulance, please send an email message to Ben Kaufman ([email protected]), the EMS Battalion Chief. Please include the following information:
    • Name of patient
    • Date of service
    • Time of service
    • Hospital transported to
    • Location patient was transported from
Give feedback on service I received from MCFRS?
Learn the basics of EMS billing -- do you have a separate Frequently Asked Questions document for that?

Public Education: (How Do I...?)

Get a car seat installed?
  • Please see the Community Outreach entry in the navigation on your left, then choose Public Education. Car Seat information is located in the Safety Resources | Safety Tips for Parents section. If you would like to schedule a car seat installation, you will find a link in the navigation on your left under Community Outreach.
Find the MCFRS public education website (Safety In Our Neighborhood)?
  • Click Community Outreach and Education in the navigation on your left. Alternatively, you may go to in your browser.
How do I schedule a tour of a fire station?
Find safety tips?
  • You will find a wealth of safety tips on our public education website, Safety In Our Neighborhood. Simply click the Community Outreach and Education item in the navigation on the left side of your screen to find the link and go to that site.
Follow MCFRS on social media sites?
  • Please click Stay Connected in the navigation on the left side of the page. You will find direct links to the various MCFRS social media sites.

Recruiting: (How Do I...?)

Get hired as a career member of MCFRS?
  • Please see the Join Us section of the navigation on your left for information. If this is a defined recruiting period and we are accepting applications, that will be reflected upon the page. You may also e-mail [email protected] for specific questions.
Sign up as a volunteer member of MCFRS?
  • Montgomery County Maryland has a long and proud tradition of neighbors serving neighbors by volunteering at one our many local fire rescue departments. Find out more at