Division of Fiscal Management

Photo of Dominic Del Pozzo

Dominic Del Pozzo

Division Chief
Office: (240) 777-2236
[email protected]

The Division of Fiscal Management is comprised of thirteen people working in three sections – Budget and Grants, Emergency Medical Services Transport (EMST) Reimbursement and Procurement.

The Budget and Grants Section handles budget development and management; grant coordination, administration and close-out; expenditure and revenue analysis and tracking; ordering and payment for office and station supplies; and department-wide financial procedures.

The EMST Reimbursement Section manages the department’s ambulance transport reimbursement program. The section reviews patient care reports, ensures compliance with various local and federal regulations, manages the relationship with the billing company, reconciles revenues, distributes and tracks EMST revenues that are sent to the 19 volunteer departments and monitors the expenditure of EMST reimbursement funds expended by the department.

The Procurement Section advises and assists in the acquisition of all goods and services for the department. The expertise on procurement procedures and regulations resides in this section, which develops and administers contracts throughout the department. All payments and purchase orders are entered and approved by the Procurement Section, and the section coordinates and oversees the purchasing card program within the department.