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Division of Support Services Gary S. Cooper, Division Chief

Gary S. Cooper, Division Chief 
(240) 773-0664

The Division of Support Services is responsible for:

Information Technology

The mission of MCFRS IT is to provide customer-focused IT service and to implement the type of automation necessary to accomplish the department’s core mission. The IT team is responsible for:

  • Upkeep of the enterprise computing platform
  • Enforcement of IT security requirements
  • IT training
  • Implementation of automation solutions
  • Providing data to management for data-based decision making

Logistics section

The Logistics section consists of Property & Supply, Fleet Support and Fleet Maintenance:

Fleet Support

  • Acquires and disposes of fire and rescue apparatus and vehicles
  • Acquires and disposes of tools, equipment, hose, and appliances, and maintains and repairs these items
  • Coordinates hose testing, third party inspections of ground ladders, preventative maintenance programs for hydraulic rescue tools and other equipment
  • Manages the fuel program for MCFRS facilities
  • Manages the EZ-Pass program

Fleet Maintenance

  • Provides maintenance for all fire and rescue heavy apparatus
  • Maintains compliance with state and federal regulations pertaining to emissions, inspections and safe vehicle operations

Property & Supply

  • Maintains and distributes uniforms and apparel, protective clothing, SCBA and meters utilized by MCFRS personnel
  • Manages the acquisition, storage and disposition of supplies

Facilities Maintenance

The Facilities Maintenance Unit:

  • Oversees and manages the maintenance and repair of fire and rescue stations and facilities
  • Provides input, management and coordination to the County Capital Improvement Program as it relates to new fire and rescue facilities


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