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Office of Investigative Programs

Michael J. Brady

(240) 777-2248 Office
(240) 777- 6125 Fax

The office of Investigative Programs was created in 1998 through Section 21 of the County Code, which also reorganized the Fire and Rescue Service. The purpose of the Office of Investigative Programs, as outlined in Section 21, is, "monitoring compliance with law and County and Commission policies, regulations and procedures and investigating matters assigned by the Administrator or the Commission."

Investigative Programs has four main areas of responsibility. These are:

  • Internal Affairs Investigations
  • New Applicant Background Investigations
  • Human Relations- EEO Investigations and Training
  • Auditing "Local Fire Rescue Department tax funds" and "Mediation/Dispute Resolution"

Mission Statement

To maintain and enhance the quality and integrity of fire and rescue service provided to the citizens of Montgomery County. In addition, Investigative Programs will strive to create a work environment free from harassment, discrimination and inappropriate conduct in order to allow all personnel to achieve their highest level of performance.


We will insure that a comprehensive, timely and objective investigation is conducted into all allegations of misconduct that come to our attention.

Investigative Programs will be proactive in identifying issues that may impact on the integrity, morale and efficiency of the MCFRS. Once identified these issues will be dealt with aggressively through training, monitoring and inspection.

All potential employees will be thoroughly screened through a comprehensive and exhaustive background investigation. The objective of the screening will be to provide the Service with members of the highest moral integrity.

Issues of diversity will be carefully monitored to make sure that the MCFRS is an environment that respects all employees and recognizes the importance of professional and proper behavior when dealing with members of different race, color, religious creed, ancestry, national origin, age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation and disabling conditions.


Anyone choosing to file a complaint or contact Investigative Programs is encouraged to do so by calling the office at 240-777-2243.


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