The Office of Consumer Protection (OCP) is the Montgomery County agency responsible for enforcing consumer protection laws prohibiting unfair and deceptive business acts to ensure a fair marketplace for consumers and businesses.  We provide the following services to consumers and businesses.

Services for Consumers

Services for Businesses


Services for Consumers


OCP investigates and resolves thousands of consumer complaints regarding automotive sales and repairs, new home construction, home improvements, credit and financial issues, retail sales, internet services, and most other consumer transactions.  For more information on filing consumer complaints, visit our webpage.

Merchant Disclosures

OCP provides an on-line Merchant Disclosure System where consumers can obtain information including the number of complaints filed against a merchant.

Law Enforcement

OCP issues civil citations and subpoenas, executes settlement agreements, conducts administrative hearings, and initiates legal action through the County Attorney.  OCP works with agencies that prosecute criminal cases. 

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Education and Outreach

OCP issues news releases, email alerts, and provides speakers to community organizations.  Investigators are available for consultation by telephone, email, and in person.  OCP has an on-line Speaker Request Form that organizations can use to request a speaker through our Consumer Education program.

Advocacy & Legislation

OCP testifies on consumer related bills and collaborates with other offices to enact new legislation in our rapidly changing marketplace.

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Energy and Environmental Advocacy

OCP works with other County agencies to advocate for the County’s interests in obtaining the lowest possible utility rates consistent with environmental stewardship. OCP assists home sellers and buyers obtain information about utility usage and costs.  Visit our Energy and Environmental Advocacy webpage for more information.

Domestic Workers

OCP administers a program requiring employers to negotiate and offer written contracts disclosing information about job conditions and benefits to certain workers employed in their homes.  A model contract and resource information are available on OCP’s Domestic Worker webpage.

Property Tax Disclosures

OCP administers several laws concerning the proper disclosure and advertising of estimated property taxes and charges to ensure that home purchasers do not receive misleading information. An online Tax Calculator is provided on OCP’s web page.

New Home Sales Contracts

OCP enforces several laws related to the sale of new homes. 

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Services for Businesses

Builder’s Board of Registration

Provides recommendations to OCP in reviewing license applications for new home builders. Members are appointed by the County Executive and confirmed by the County Council.


OCP licenses automotive repair facilities, towing companies, new home builders, appliance repair firms, and pawn & consignment shops.  View Licensing & Registration in the left navigation bar for more information.


OCP issues news releases, email alerts, and provides speakers to community organizations.  If you have an unsatisfied customer and are unsure of what to do, you can call OCP at 240.777.3636.  We will tell you what laws may apply and suggest ways to resolve the problem.  Business groups can contact our Consumer Education program to request a speaker.

Business Liaison

If you are a business owner and have any questions or concerns involving a scam or unfair practices, please call the Office of Consumer Protection's Business Liaison, Marsha Carter at 240.777.3636.

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