Caribbean American Advisory Group 

Montgomery County Caribbean Community Liaison
Position Currently Open.  Yvonne Stephens serving as Acting Montgomery County Caribbean Community Liaison

Chair: Venice Mundle-Harvey (Jamaica)
Owner of The Venice Mundle-Harvey Allstate Agency

Derrice Deane (Barbados)
Producer/Host of CaribNation-TV

Health & Wellness Work Group:
Mona-Lee Belizaire, MSW, MPH (Jamaica), Gerard Davidson, DDS, MPH (Trinidad & Tobago)

Education & Workforce Development Work Group:
Anestine Theophile-Lafond, Ph.D (Commonwealth of Dominica),Laurie Williams, M.S., M.Ed. (Haiti), Yvonne Stephens, M.S. (Jamaica)

Economic Development Work Group:
Toni M. Stovall (Jamaica, Dominican Republic), Myriam Paul, M.S. (Haiti)

Young Professionals Work Group:
Kareem Ward (Jamaica), Ryk Palmer (Jamaica), Breanne Palmer, Esq. (Jamaica)

Sonia Canzater, Esq. (Panama, Cayman Island, and Dominica), Sonia Ward (Jamaica), Juliette Adams, M.S. (Guyana)

Past Chairs:
Amb. Curtis Ward, J.D., LL.M. (Jamaica), Leo Edwards (Jamaica), Rayness R. Mayne (Jamaica)