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The Office of Community Partnerships promotes cultural awareness of the increasingly diverse communities we serve in the County.  From the series of Leadership Summits the County Executive hosted last fall, it was clear that many communities that are relative newcomers to the County (and the country) have rich cultural heritage they want to share as they become more connected with their local government.

To help celebrate the rich diversity of Montgomery County, the Office of Community Partnerships helps to plan and organize the County’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Celebration; Black History Month; Arab American Heritage Month; Asian Pacific American Heritage Month; Juneteeth Commemoration; Hispanic/Latino Heritage Month and Native American Heritage Month.  We invite you to participate in celebrations that are designed to enhance our collective cultural learning experience.

All events are free and open to County employees and the public.  Interested in finding out more? Send an email to

Bulletin Board of Events and Announcements

Days of Commemoration

In recognition of Montgomery County’s religious, ethnic and cultural diversity and in respect for the diversity of its own workforce, on March 28, 2006, the County Council passed legislation ( Bill No. 1-06: Special Days of Commemoration) to designate certain days of commemoration relating to the religious, ethnic and cultural heritage of County residents. On July 7, 2006, the County Executive signed the legislation into law.

Click here for a current list of Days of Commemoration.

Heritage Months

African American History: February
Women’s History: March
Asian Pacific American: May
Caribbean: June
Hispanic:September 15-October 15;
American Indian: November

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