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Ongoing Opportunities

The Office of Community Partnerships provides a variety of ways to help community members and community leaders get involved!

Boards, Committees, and Commissions

The County Executive and County Council encourages people who live or work in Montgomery County to become actively involved in matters affecting the quality of life in Montgomery County.  Find out more by visiting the website here.

Volunteer Center

The Volunteer Center is an important part of the Office of Community Partnerships.  The Volunteer Center’s mission is to mobilize people and resources to deliver creative solutions to community problems.  The Volunteer Center’s website and store front office provide wonderful resources to prospective and current volunteers who are interested in contributing to their communities.

Visit the Volunteer Center’s website by clicking this link.  Visit their storefront office at 401 Hungerford Drive in Rockville or contact them at 240-777-2600 or

Have an idea for a volunteer activity or want to participate in a volunteer activity?  Contact the Volunteer Center at or 240-777-2600.  Visit their website by clicking here.

Community Partnership Committees

The Committee for Ethnic Affairs advises the County Executive and the County Council in matters of public policy relating to the County’s diverse communities. Emphasizing the richness of the County’s linguistic and cultural diversity, the Committee for Ethnic Affairs promotes interaction among the many groups that represent these communities.

We encourage anyone wishing to serve on the Committee for Ethnic Affairs to contact us.

The Community Outreach Forum consists of County department representatives. Through monthly meetings, members work to provide coordinated outreach services to all county residents. Representatives from related governmental entities, including the County Council, Montgomery County District Congressional Offices, and nonprofit agencies also participate in the Forum.

We encourage anyone wishing to serve on the Community Outreach Forum to contact us.

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