If you are the victim of a Hate-Bias event or witness a Hate-Bias event, the MCPD encourages you to come forward and report what happened.

Quick Guide for reporting hate-bais incident

What constitutes a hate crime in Maryland?

  • Under MD Criminal Law 10-301, through 10-308, a person may not: commit a crime that is motivated either in whole or substantial part by another person's or group's race, color, national origin, religious belief, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, homelessness, or disability.
  • A bias-related incident may be motivated by the same reasons as a hate crime but is different because the initial action did not rise to the level of a criminal offense.โ€‹โ€‹

Reporting hate-bias incident

The MCPD will document every allegation of a hate crime or bias incident and further investigate.  The Community Engagement Division (CED) monitors and tracks all Hate-Bias events in Montgomery County.  The CED can conduct safety conversations with any community group and be reached at [email protected]

Reporting issues

  • Trust - we are working to rebuild trust with many communities, especially the disenfranchised and communities of color.  We will enhance community relations and build trust through transparency, accountability, and strong leadership. 
  • Language Barrier - our Department utilizes 24/7 interpreting services.  Our Department has 194 officers who are certified in speaking another language.  
  • Citizenship -  Montgomery County's policy is not to inquire about anyone's immigration status, nor does the county conduct any immigration enforcement or investigations; we are not a "sanctuary" jurisdiction.   

Bystander intervention

  • Distract, Delegate, Document, Delay, Direct
  • Ask the target for directions, ask for help from a 3rd party, and document the event (record, if safe, to do so; keep a safe distance, film street signs or landmarks to help identify the location, say the day and time).
  • Ask the victim if THEY want the footage.
  • Check in with the victim after the event.
  • Speak up about the harassment.

Additional resources for assistance