The Animal Services Division retrieves dead domestic animals (dogs, cats, etc.) and other dead animals the size of a possum or larger from County maintained roadways and adjacent private properties. This does not include animals such as rabbits, squirrels, and small birds but does include larger animals such as groundhogs, raccoons and deer.

  • If the dead animal is on the road and creating a traffic hazard, call 911 immediately.
  • The dead animals are typically removed within 24 hours of notification of the removal contractor (including weekends).
  • For dead animals located on State Roads, (such as 355, 97 or 270) Municipalities or on M-NCPPC property, the Animal Services Division will notify those agencies directly but does not have authority over their removal and cannot provide an estimated time frame for their removal.

Deceased domestic pets

Owners of deceased domestic pets are responsible for their own animal's disposal and may consider options including burial, or disposal through a private crematorium company or pet cemetery. Owners may also bring their deceased pets to the Animal Shelter for a $5.00 disposal fee. This does not include livestock/farm animals.

How do I create a service request to remove the dead animal?

Identify the exact location where the dead animal is located. This should include the street name and exact address if possible.

In the Additional Information field, provide specific details such as; which road the dead animal is actually located on, the hundred block or distance from the nearest cross street, the species, (deer, groundhog etc.) and any other information that will assist in identifying the location (such as: front yard, behind electrical transformer, etc. Please provide a contact phone number to expedite service. Please do not place the animal remains in any kind of box, bag, or other container.

Create Service Request