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Urban District Advisory Committee

Chair: Mel Tull

The Silver Spring Urban District Advisory Committee is comprised of 11 (currently 9) members appointed by the County Executive and confirmed by the County Council. Two members are persons nominated by the Silver Spring Chamber of Commerce, three members represent optional method developers, two business representatives that employ fewer than 25 employees, three residential community members from the Urban District, and one member who is on the Silver Spring Citizens Advisory Board.

The Committee advises the County government on all aspects of the program, management, and finances of the Urban District. It works closely with the Silver Spring Urban District on activities and issues associated with the downtown business area. Members serve three-year terms without compensation. The Silver Spring Urban District is funded through the Urban District Tax, Parking Lot District fees collected by the County, maintenance charges on optional method developments, transfers from the General Fund, and other miscellaneous revenue such as contributions and charges for services. Funds are used for the Urban District in which they are obtained.

Agendas & Minutes
Board Corresondence & County Responses

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UDAC Members

Member Area Represented
Mel Tull, Chair Small Business
Carmen Camacho Chamber
Dimitri Michaud Urban District Resident
Susan Zusy Silver Spring Citizens Advisory Board Rep
Don Hague, Vice Chair Optional Method
Jon Lourie Small Business
Yuri Van Mierlo Optional Method
Dan Figueroa Chamber
Ernest Bland Small Business

The Committee meets the 3rd Thursday of each month and meetings start at 3:30 pm. Meetings are held at 8110 Georgia Ave. 3rd floor, Silver Spring, MD 20910. Parking is available behind the building.

Agendas & Meetings

 Silver Spring Urban District Advisory Committee 2014 Meetings



Date Agenda Meeting Summary Board Letters County Responses  
January 16 View View      
February 20 View        
March 20 View        
April 17          
May 15          
June 19          
July 17          
August No Meeting in August
September 18          
October 16          
November 20          
December 18          


Silver Spring Urban District Advisory Committee 2013 Meetings

Date  Agenda Meeting Summary Board Letters County Responses  
January 17 View View      
February 21 View View View    
March 21 View View View    
April 18 View View View View  
May 16 View View View    
June 20 View View      
July 18 View View      
August   No Meeting in August
September 19 View View      
October 17 View View      
November 21 View View      
December 19 Meeting Canceled        




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