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Department of General Services, Division of Building Design and Construction

People and Projects

The Division of Building Design and Construction (DBDC) is responsible for planning, designing, and constructing Montgomery Picture of computer generated 3-D building modelCounty's public buildings to high performance standards while paying close attention to citizens' input, environmental and economic concerns.

Today, DBDC is planning, designing and constructing many public buildings including fire stations, police stations, libraries, recreational facilities, civic buildings, service depots and parking garages. Montgomery County, Division of Building Design and Construction is committed to providing leadership which will foster conservation, protection and improvement of the environment by planning, designing, constructing and maintaining buildings that are energy efficient, environmentally friendly and resource-efficient. Read more...

The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System was developed by the United State Green Buildings Council (USGBC). It identifies criteria that positively impact the energy and environmental characteristics of a building, including sustainability of a site, water efficiency, energy efficiency, materials and resources, and indoor environmental quality. Read more...

Building Design & Construction Sections

Quality Control & Support Services

The Quality Control and Support Services Section monitors the quality control of the planning, design and construction of County facilities. This Section also reviews the schedule and cost components of each building project.


Project Management

The Project Management Section works with the internal County agencies to provide needed new or renovated Facilities. This Section manages the planning and design of new and/or renovated County facilities utilizing contracted architects and engineers and oversees the construction of these facilities by construction contractors.


Montgomery County Manual for Planning, Design, and Construction Of Sustainable Building

Manual of Sign Standards for County Facilities