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Former Silver Spring Library: Community Presentation

The County is requesting comments be submitted by December 6th.

The Department of General Services held a community presentation of the two finalists for the redevelopment of the Former Silver Spring Library Site on October 4th. The two presentations are below:

Comments received as of December 6, 2017.

The original Request for Development Proposals may be viewed below:

Proposals submitted to the County from the two finalists are:

View Executive Regulations for the Disposition of Real Property

The Office of Planning and Development is responsible for implementation and management of the County’s redevelopment projects. A key component of this effort is creating opportunities for Public-Private Partnerships that leverage County assets and facilitate initiatives.

OPD provides analysis and assessment of business vitality in areas targeted for County redevelopment initiatives and works with relevant County departments, public agencies and private-sector resource partners to develop strategic programs to enhance business sustainability.

OPD advises the County Executive and elected officials on planning and land use matters related to County land and the optimal use of County resources.

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