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Welcome to the Montgomery County Office of Consumer Protection (OCP), we are the agency responsible for enforcing
consumer protection laws  (Chapter 11 of the County code) which  prohibit unfair and deceptive business acts to ensure a fair marketplace for consumers and businesses.  Our office was established in 1971 and we are proud to have earned national recognition.

Our investigators have expertise in many types of consumer transactions.  We investigate and resolve consumer complaints, engage in consumer education and outreach, license certain businesses, and administer several programs.  OCP's dedicated staff is here to be of service to you. We publish an Office Brochure and an Annual Report which describe our commitment to being a responsive and accountable County Government Office.

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Recent Scams & Alerts

The OCP would like to alert residents to the following scams reported by you, our consumers:
  • Check Fraud Scams: Two new scams were reported this week.  One involved a fake letter from Publisher's Clearing House including a check to cover fees for the million-dollar sweepstakes win.  A second involved a "secret shopper" scam which included the first "paycheck."  In both cases, another business was victimized either for the bank account information or for customer data.  The checks are all fraudulently drafted.  The first check was written on the payroll account of a social services organization in NY.  The second check was likely a fraudulent account altogether.  If checks arrive in the mail unsolicited, DO NOT CASH THEM.  
  • Medicare Card Phone ScamsWith new Medicare cards coming starting in April 2018, new phone scams are expected. In fact, starting in February 2018, authorities have reported scam calls from "MEDICARE" stating that a temporary card needs to be ordered for a $5-$50 fee.  However, CMS states that the new card will automatically come to you and that MEDICARE will not call you.
  • Woodchuck Alert National Consumer Protection Week is March 4-10, 2018.  Please visit the Office of Consumer Protection this week on Facebook and Twitter as we bring you more tips and warnings about common scams.  Read More ...
  • Hot Package and Overpayment Scams: As a part of National Consumer Protection Week, the Office of Consumer Protection granted its latest Scambuster Award.  In years past, the OCP has given its Scambuster Award to consumers who have stopped a scam in its tracks!  In 2015, we awarded Mrs. P. Keller a Scambuster Award for stopping an IRS phone scam in its tracks.  This year, the Scambuster Award goes to Mrs. H. Oskard.  She busted two scams in the same week!  Read More ...

More Scams

Please report any scams to  or to the OCP's Anonymous Tip Line at 240.777.3681.  

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