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Adult Softball
Adult Softball
The legendary Eddie Feiner was the king of softball for 50 years, traveling to 100 countries and recording 930 no-hitters. He threw so hard that he once fanned baseball superstars Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Brooks Robinson, Maury Wills, and Roberto Clemente in succession. But then, he never faced off against MCR's A-league slow-pitch teams at Cabin John Park.
Adult Softball Information

There are separate leagues of varying skill levels for men, women, seniors and co-ed, aged 18 and above. Adult softball is offered in the spring, summer and fall seasons. Registration is by team only.

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Adult Softball




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Men's Wednesday “North” Division
Men's Wednesday “South” Division
Men's Wednesday "Up County” Division

Men's Thursday “North” Division

Men's Friday Doubleheader Division @ Cabin John