This unit has overall responsibility for the collection and the processing for deposit of all parking revenue, including revenue from individual meters, automated pay stations, cashiered facilities, parking permits, and parking fines. Additionally it provides support to the Mass Transit Fund in the processing of bus revenue for deposit. The program is also responsible for the management of the parking citation database and provides management of the appeal process for all parking tickets written within the County. Parking Operations maintains regularly scheduled parking enforcement patrols in all Parking Lot Districts (PLD), residential permit areas outside the PLD’s and other designated County facilities.

In addition, this program provides a comprehensive meter maintenance program to ensure all meter devices function properly. Augmenting the public safety mission of the County Police, this unit also provides contract security guard services for parking facilities to detect and report theft, vandalism, and threats to personal security. Security support is also provided by the Silver Spring Clean and Safe Team. Parking Operations also manages and executes the Parking Outside the Parking Districts Program funded by the County's General Fund.


  1. Permits
  2. Citation Services
    • Call Center Operations
    • Citation Database Management
    • Revenue Processing
    • Enforcement
  3. Sales Store Operations
  4. Meter and Pay Machine Maintenance
  5. Security Guard Services (Bike and Foot Patrol)
Meter Maintenance
Meter Maintenance

Types of Parking Tickets

  1. Computer generated through the use of an electronic hand held unit.
    • uploaded live at issuance
    • represents 90% of tickets issued
    • Click here to see an example of A computer generated ticket (pdf).

  2. Handwritten check-off type tickets
    • Manually entered and uploaded in an overnight batch
    • Click here to see an example of handwritten ticket (pdf).