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Retiree Medical Plans

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Montgomery County offers four comphensive medical plans. Most County medical plans coordinate with Medicare. This means that the benefits payable under your County medical plan will generally work together with Medicare to ensure that you receive as complete a coverage as possible (but not a duplication of coverage). Generally, your retiree medical premium reduces and your prescription premium increase when you become Medicare-eligible. Medicare becomes your primary medical insurance and the County’s medical plan becomes your secondary medical insurance effective the date you become eligible for Medicare. You must enroll in Medicare Part A and Part B at that time, if you fail to do so, your out of pocket expenses may become higher. 

Medical Comparison Chart (Non- Medicare)
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Administrator: Kaiser Permenante
Washington Area Phone: 1-301-468-6000
Baltimore Area Phone: 1-800-777-7902
Mobile App:  HERE

Kaiser Permenante is a health maintenance organization (HMO) which provides all care at special Kaiser centers. You must use providers at the Kaiser centers to receive benefits under this plan. If you receive care elsewhere, you must pay the full cost. Please note that the Kaiser Permanente HMO medical plan does include prescription drug coverage and therefore, it is not necessary to elect such coverage under a separate plan. 

If Medicare is the primary coverage for you or any of your covered dependents, you are required to enroll in Kaiser’s Medicare Plus plan. Kaiser will contact you directly regarding your enrollment. If you are a Kaiser participant and do not enroll in Kaiser’s Medicare Plus plan when required, your enrollment in Kaiser will be discontinued. 


Plan Materials 
2018 Kaiser HMO SBC
Kaiser Brochure
Kaiser Benefits Summary
‚Äč Kaiser Incapacitated Dependent Application 

Kaiser Medicare Plus Summary Brochure
Kaiser Medicare Plus Form

Administrator: United Healthcare
Phone: 1-800-638-0014
Mobile App:  HERE 

United Healthcare is a national individual practice health maintenance orgainization (HMO). You must use United Healthcare providers in order to receive benefits under this plan. If you receive care elsewhere, you must pay the full cost. Prescription drug coverage is not included, but may be elected under a separate plan offered through Caremark. Generally, if you are also covered under Medicare and are retired from the workforce, Medicare is your primary coverage and your County plan is secondary. This may change the copays and charges listed in the medical comparison chart. 


Plan Materials
2018 UHC Select HMO SBC
UHC Select HMO Brochure 
UHC Select HMO Plan Booklet

UHC Real Appeal Launch 
UHC Real Appeal program

UHC Claim Form
UHC Disabled Dependent Authorization

Administrator: Carefirst BCBS
Phone: 1-888-417-8385
Mobile App: 

The CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield Point-of-Service Plans (POS) are managed care programs. The BlueChoice Advantage Network provides you with choices over your out-of-pocket costs.  You do not need to select a primary care provider (PCP) or obtain a referral to see a specialist with this option. You can visit any provider and your choice will determine your out-of-pocket costs. When care is rendered in Maryland, Washington, D.C. or Northern Virginia, use the CareFirst Blue Choice Network to receive the highest level of coverage and pay the lower out-of-pocket costs. If you seek care outside the CareFirst service area you will lower costs by using a National Blue Card PPO provider.  You still have the option to opt-out of this network but will pay a higher out-of-pocket expenses.  There are two POS plans offered – a High Option Plan and a Standard Option Plan. Prescription drug coverage is not included with either plan, but may be elected under a separate plan offered through Caremark. If Medicare is the primary coverage for you or any of your covered dependents, please refer to the separate CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield Medicare Supplemental Plan summary. 

Plan Materials 
BCBS POS Brochure (Non-Medicare)
BCBS POS Brochure (Medicare)

BCBS Plan Booklet
BCBS Indemnity Summary Description 
Indemnity Brochure (Medicare)
BCBS Indemnity Medicare Plan Booklet
BCBS Indemnity Rx Announcement
BCBS Indemnity Rx Guide

Member Discounts

Summary of Benefits and Coverage
BCBS High Option
BCBS Standard Option
BCBS Indemnity

BCBS Claims
BCBS Primary Care Physician Selection 
BCBS Coordination of Benefits
BCBS Disabled Dependent Authorizaton
BCBS Health Information Release Authorization
BSBC Health Information Release Revocation 

Phone: 1-888-417-8385

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Plan Materials 

BCBS POS Brochure (Non-Medicare)

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