Retiree Prescription Plans

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Administrator: CVS Caremark
Phone: 1-866-240-4926
Mobile App:  HERE

With the exception of the Kaiser Permanente option, which provides prescription coverage, the medical plans do not provide prescription drug coverage. However, you have the option to elect prescription drug coverage under a separate “stand alone” prescription plan offered through Caremark. Any claims for services must be submitted within one year following the date of service.

Caremark Prescription Plans 
There are two Caremark prescription plan options: 

  • Caremark High Option $5 / $10 Prescription Plan 
  • Caremark Standard Option $10/ $20/ $35 Prescription Plan 

Plan Materials

Administrator: CVS Caremark
Phone: 1-866-249-6167 

Medicare-eligible Montgomery County Government retirees and their Medicare-eligible dependents who have coverage through either the Indemnity medical plan or one of the County’s Caremark prescription plans (High or Standard Option) will have their prescription drug coverage provided by Caremark’s Medicare Part D subsidiary, SilverScript. These individuals will receive prescription drug coverage through a Medicare Part D Employer Group Waiver Plan (EGWP). This plan will have a “wraparound” feature (Wrap) to ensure coverage will continue at current levels.  (Note: This change will not affect Kaiser members.) This change of administrator will be automatic and seamless, and  will not reduce current prescription drug coverage.

Prior Authorization Form (Authorizations must be renewed on an annual basis) 

The Medicare Part D webcast presentation and panel discussion from MCREA's Annual Meeting held 6/4/2014 is now available for viewing in three parts.