Discount Vision Plan

Mature male having an eye exam.


​Administrator: EyeMed
​Phone: 1-844.409.3402

The discount vision program has a network of participating ophthalmologists, optometrists, and opticians from whom you may obtain service. By presenting your identification card to a participating provider, you may receive routine eye exams, lenses and frames at discount prices. The level of discounts may vary by region of the country.

New Vision Plan carrier: EyeMed

Effective January 1, 2019, EyeMed will be MCG's new discount vision plan carrier. To search for participating providers, visit and select "Find a Provider".  Also, through EyeMed's partner, Amplifon, the nation's largest independent hearing discount network, MCG will offer enhanced hearing benefits (click on the EyeMed Hearing discount flyer below for more information). 

EyeMed Retiree Benefits Summary / Proof of Coverage - No ID Card Needed
EyeMed LASIK Flyer
EyeMed Hearing Discount Flyer

Click here for help navigating EyeMed's online provider directory.