Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance & Diversity Management 

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The Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance and Diversity Management Division is committed to Equal Employment Opportunity in the workplace. Our mission is to address workplace conduct that is in violation of Federal,State and local discrimination laws. Our mission is further enforced by the County’s zero tolerance of such conduct. We want to foster ensure that we create an environment that all employee can work and thrive in, and a workplace that values diversity, inclusion and equity for all employees and the public that we are honored to serve.



Montgomery County is committed to Equal Employment Opportunity and prohibits discrimination or harassment based on any basis covered by Federal, State and Local laws. The County also prohibits discrimination or harassment consistent with Montgomery County Personnel Regulations, Section 5 and the Workplace Harassment policy. For information regarding this topic or to report a concern, please click one of the below links.

Complaint Resources
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Training & Diversity Events

Preventing Workplace Harassment

  • It is mandatory for all Montgomery County Employees to attend this training within 90 days of hire.
  • All employees are required to take the course as a refresher course every three years.  

EEO Compliance Training Course for Supervisors & Managers

  • New supervisors and managers are required to take the course within 90 days of hire.
  • All Supervisors and Managers are required to take the course as a refresher every four years.  
Optional Training and Learning Opportunities offered by EEO Division
  • The County takes proactive measures to increase the opportunity to provide training opportunities on topics that include EEO, Diversity, cultural competency, social justice, and equity, as well as offering a number of programs and events at no-cost to provide employees.
  • Employees may also participate in numerous certificate programs, including a certificate in Diversity.
  • Employees may participate in the training of cultural sensitivity and events celebrating the rich diversity of our workforce and the community we serve.
Please check the EEO Event Calendar for upcoming training and events in areas of Diversity.


Find information regarding equal employment opportunity compliance, diversity, inclusion and cultural competency.