Multilingual Certification Program

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Multilingual Certification Program
The Multilingual Certification Program is only for Montgomery County Government employees.  Employees must pass a bilingual test in order to be certified in one of the approved languages identified as the predominant languages used by county residents. 
Employees recommended for participation in the Multilingual Certification program complete a language certification exam for one of the following languages:  Amharic, Chinese, French, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese, Sign Language.
County merit employees registered as certified language interpreters/translators are compensated for their language skills used to provide services to customers or clients in a language other than English.  As available, language certified employees may be called upon to provide their language skills outside of their service area or department.
There are two levels of language certification exam based on the language requirement for the staff position:  Basic Level Certification (oral interpretation only) and Advanced Level Certification (oral interpretation and written translation). 

For detailed information see the Guidance for Departments document.
Multilingual Certification Database
Multilingual Certification Forms

Departments use one of the Multilingual Certification Forms below to recommend an employee for the Multilingual Certification Program after the department approves a staff position as requiring either oral, or oral and written language skills for provision of customer services.