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This is where you can obtain resources on Wage Compression, Position and Career Education (PACE), Outside Employment, Reduction-In-Force and Temporary  Services Contracts.

PACE assignments/contracts offer employees an opportunity to voluntarily assume different or additional responsibilities outside of their current class specification; advance career potential and support career development.   

Please see the provided link for the Position and Career Education System  (PACE) summary and contract.
PACE Contract
If you are considering or have a second job outside of your County position you must have approval from the Ethics Commission.  Please review the Ethics Commission tutorial below, which outlines the requirements for online documentation of all secondary/outside employment.  Should you have additional question please contact the Ethics Commission directly.  Contact information is provided in the tutorial.
Outside Employment Tutorial
Departments who require temporary clerical assistance may utilize the County's temporary clerical contracts.  Below please find corresponding contract forms and guidelines.

Working with ATHENA
TASC Contacts
TASC Purchasing Guidance
TASC Billing Rates
TASC Occupational Categories
TASC Assignment Request Form
TASC Assignment Extension Request Form
FAQs - ATHENA Temporary Administrtive Services Contract
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